The best way to influence your audience is to tell them a story.

Custom live storytelling events, branded content and coaching

Work With Us
Work With Us

What We Do

1. Coaching

We collaborate to shape the message and tone of your story so you achieve your goals with your key audience.

Then, we produce digital stories that highlight authentic moments with your brand, your campaigns and the ideas that mean the most to your audience.

2. Virtual Storytelling

Our values inspire us to help each other, to change the world, to serve our communities.

Stories are the most powerful way to share those values. Now, more than ever, it’s time to build community and to create empathy with the power of storytelling.

3. Branded Content

Great branded content starts with authentic stories.

It’s what draws your audiences' hearts to you. This is how you build trust in your brand and passion for your work.

Helping Real Companies Tell Their Story

75% of participants have a more positive
about the
brand or service

65% of brands can directly correlate experiential
to sales

72% of consumers say they positively view brands that provide great experiences

Trusted By

"Highly Recommended"

"Delivering a Bigger Impact"

"Loved My Experience"

"Super Helpful in Communicating with Different Audiences"

"Ruthless in the Nicest Possible Way"

Why We Do It

To reflect the community

  • If you see yourself reflected in a campaign, you’re more likely to tune in and stay engaged. Age, gender, ethnicity and life experience inclusiveness matter when it comes to representation on stage

To create empathy

  • When people feel empowered to tell their stories, and others feel excited to listen, a community changes. People feel closer. They feel more accepting. They feel more ready to invest financially and emotionally.

To create brand equity

  • Our events lead to quantifiable increases in loyalty, engagement, and trust between you and your community. Those feelings can be leveraged for greater brand equity.

Meet The Team

Megan Finnerty

Founder and Director

Gisele Roberts

Head of Brand Partnerships

Michelle Rogers

National Project Manager

Kim Meader

Operations Manager

Evan E. Roberts

Marketing Manager

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